SP3.2: SA PA 3 DAYS 3 NIGHTS (2 nights at homestay)

Sapa is a delightful French hill station built in the early years of the century and one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vietnam. High in the mountains of northwestern Vietnam, Sapa offers great trekking and a kaleidoscope of ethnic groups. This trip provides you a glimpse of local hill tribes and opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sapa.

Homestay is set in a beautiful of the beaten track location and all the rooms have stylish furnishings and breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside. Visitors will enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in either of our spacious dining rooms, both serving delicious food to residents and non – residents. We organize tours to picturesque surrounding villages where you’ll have opportunity to take some stunning photographs and sample the…

Sapa Weather: The best time to visit Sapa is in September and October when the rice terraces are at their most splendid; or in April and May when the weather is ideal and skies are clear. For those who don’t mind hot weather, June to August is a fine time to visit. Expect chilly weather from November to March.

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