As the largest city of the Central region, Danang is the symbol of urban hustle and bustle – the largest economic and cultural center of the region. Surrounded by the sapphire blue water and undulating mountains, the city is quite livable and never short of breathtaking scenery as well as its long standing cultural essence. locals are hospitable and genuine, further accentuating the reputation of this city.

Han River: At the heart of Danang City and well-lit as darkness falls, Han River looks so radiant, fairylike and dreamy like a kaleidoscope at scale. Two bridges crossing the river, namely Han River Bridge and the Dragon Bridge, are definitely at their finest as night falls.
My Khe Beach: The closest one to the city center, My Khe Beach, endowed with the crystalline blue water, velvety white sand and towering coconut rows moving to the wind are indeed a gorgeous destination. The beach by night offers visitors an opportunity to sit on the sand, listen to muttering waves and take a deep breath of the salty breezes blowing from afar.
The Marble Mountains: The Marble Mountains of Danang are draped in the mighty nature and steeped in sacred religious essence, through their mossy cliffs, overwhelming caves and old fashioned architectural masteries.
Son Tra Peninsula: Passengers should visit Son Tra Peninsula, which embraces a stretchy coastline that spares various fine beaches such as Tien Sa, Da Den, Buddha and dotting places of worship, notably Linh Ung Pagoda and the Chessboard Peak.
Ba Na Hills: Ba Na Hills Danang deserves to be a must-visit for any visitor. Reaching the top by cable cars, visitors are enthralled with the heavenly setting on the Lord Mountain, adorned with imposing European architectures, from the French mansion complex to Buddha cultural site, the Golden Bridge, the Wine Cellar or Le Jardin gardens… which have held so many visitors under their spellbound.

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