It would be impossible to get starved in Hanoi - the centre of sensational cuisine. No matter where you come from, an array of restaurants providing foreign fares and Vietnamese cuisines are always ready to serve all your needs. Even vegans also find Vietnam an ideal destination for an appetizing vegan meal. It is not hard to find a high end Vietnamese and foreign restaurants that could offer you either local specialties or cuisines of your home country either. But perhaps, as part of the adventure, why don’t you enjoy authentic Vietnamese fares as the way the local does, trying squat stool places at street side and humble restaurants in narrow alleys? This is the best way to belly up to real local cuisine and enjoy your trip the most. Plus, nowhere in Vietnam could you easily savor delicious cuisine from three main regions of Vietnam as Hanoi and nowhere in Hanoi could you easily find a decent restaurant as the Old quarter. Get lost and find your own local favourite, and do not forget to share with us too.

Hanoi Cooking Class (3 - 4 hours)

 Cooking Class is always the perfect choice for whom would like to mark the Vietnamese culinary during your Vietnam trip.

 There’s no better way than having a wooden spoon in hands, with friends or family all around!

The emphasis is on seasonal traditional food which both tastes and looks delicious but is simple to prepare and recreate at home.

Meet our tour guide at your hotel in Hanoi Old Quarter to start this cooking class. By this manner, you can take a walk to local market which is situated in the heart of the Old Quarter . You will time to discover how the Vietnamese people do food business and what the main ingredients for their meal are.

By strolling around to visit distinct food sections with their variety of herbs, vegetables, meat and sea food which brings you very close to  life in Hanoi . Maybe, it will make you surprised to see how the local women does bargain and chooses the best quality of  fresh food from numerous food stalls in the market.

After this short walking, you will back to the restaurant you can then enjoy a cup of Hanoi coffee, jasmine or lotus tea.(coffee and tea are complimentary). Raw food bought from the market will be thoroughly washed and prepared . Cooking utensils will then be properly placed on each table ready to begin the cooking class.

Cooking Class

Let’s start by the short introduction about the utensils in a Hanoi kitchen.

After that, just wash your hand and do enjoy this cooking class. You will then, under the instruction of the Chef, prepare and cook by yourself. From start to finish, learning how to marinate and to add spices to the ingredients is very important .to the  lesson. You will also enjoy decorating dishes with carrot flowers, lemon grass stems, tomato rose flower and curved chili. The authentic sauce mixed from fish sauce, water, sugar, lime, chili, garlic and herbs is very easy to make.

Finally, it is now time to enjoy the meal you have prepared.

Set menu of cooking class

Normally, we do always choose the most popular menu (3 dishes) that the guest can easy to learn and look. Following is an example:

1) Green papaya salad

2) Hanoi spring rolls

3) Stir fried chicken with lemon grass